Alexa, open Two Tweets.

Two Tweets and a Lie is a game based on the popular icebreaker Two Truths and a Lie, but featuring ludicrously insane tweets.

How do I start?

Just three simple steps!

Step 1.Get an Alexa-enabled device

Download the Amazon Alexa app on your smart phone. It's completely free!

Alternatively, purchase an Alexa device here.

Step 2.Enable the Skill

This skill is coming soon!

Step 3.Enjoy!

Play by yourself or with friends! Try to guess which tweet is the fake one and enjoy these hilariously ridiculous tweets.


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When will Two Tweets and a Lie be released?

The exact release date is by next week but this page will be updated as soon as it's live with the links to enable it.

Don't have Alexa?

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