Train your mind with thoughtful questions.

Based on the socratic method, digital socrates asks questions designed to increase your critical thinking skills.

How do I start?

Just three simple steps!

Step 1.Download

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Step 3.Talk

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What can Digital Socrates do?

Digital Socrates is full of thought-provoking questions on topics ranging from philosophy to interview questions to personal growth reflections. Ask him for a question in any category!

Can I add questions of my own?

Absolutely! Feel free to email us your favorite questions! We review each question individually so it might take a little bit for them to show up.

Where can I buy Alexa or Google Assistant?

You don't need to buy Alexa or Google Assistant to use our skill! If you have a smartphone you can download the Alexa or Google Home app. Otherwise you can purchase an Alexa device in the link below.

Do you have any questions about career/relationships/health/etc.?

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