Where to Get Samuel L. Jackson's Voice for Your Alexa Device

He's in the cloud baby!

Who is Samuel L. Jackson?

Samuel L. Jackson is an American producer and hollywood legend who has appeared in over 100 films, including Snakes on a Plane, Die Hard with a Vengeance, Pulp Fiction, the Star Wars prequel trilogy, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently though, it appears he’s gotten into voice acting...for Artificial Intelligence.

Get Samuel L. Jackson’s Voice For Alexa

Amazon just announced that Amazon Echo users will be able to replace Alexa’s voice with that of actor Samuel L. Jackson. Iconic actor and producer Samuel L. Jackson is the first celebrity voice for Alexa. He can tell you jokes, let you know if it’s raining, set timers and alarms, play music and more – all with a bit of his own personality. Two versions of his voice are available - explicit and non-explicit. His voice is expected to become available later this year - sign up with your email below to be notified as soon as it’s available.

From Amazon

Samuel L. Jackson

He’s in the cloud baby! Hollywood legend Samuel L. Jackson is here to add some fun to your Alexa experience. Just ask and Sam will give you the weather, play your favorite music, tell jokes, and more.

To get started, just say, “Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson.” Then, choose whether you’d like Sam to use explicit language or not. If you change your mind later, simply go to the settings menu of the Alexa app to toggle between clean and explicit content.

After purchasing, try saying:

“Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson where he is from.” “Alexa, ask Sam to wake me up at 7am.” “Alexa, ask Sam Jackson to sing happy birthday.”

Although he can do a lot, Sam won’t be able to help with Shopping, lists, reminders or Skills.

Alexa, ask Samuel L. Jackson for the weather

Ask away

Samuel L. Jackson can help you set a timer, serenade you with a song, tell you a funny joke, and more. Get to know him a little better by asking about his interests and career.

Explicit mode

Keep it clean, or don’t

After purchasing the feature, you choose whether you’d like Sam to use explicit language or not. If you ever change your mind, you can toggle between clean and explicit content in the settings menu of the Alexa App.

Get started

  1. Say "Alexa, introduce me to Samuel L. Jackson."
  2. Confirm your purchase with Alexa.
  3. Enable or disable explicit content.
  4. Ask Samuel L. Jackson for music, weather and more.

The price is 99 cents for a limited time only. Afterwards it will rise to $4.99 so if you want it you should get it now. Stay tuned for more celebrity voices next year.

Get Samuel L. Jackson’s voice for Alexa here!

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